Prop 3 & Businesses

“A step forward would be to approve the Medicaid expansion proposal that will be on the ballot in November. That action would unlock hundreds of millions of federal health care dollars and allow Utah to provide health care services to tens of thousands of low-income citizens.”

-A. Scott Anderson, President & CEO, Zions Bank | January, 2018

Utah should decide what to do with our tax dollars. Nearly $800 million in federal funding per year is already set aside for us that we aren’t getting back. It’s money 33 other states already get, but we’ve been losing out on for years. This initiative will bring those funds home and provide Medicaid coverage to more than 150,000 Utahns earning less than $17,000 per year for individuals, or parents earning less than $34,000 per year for a family of four.

Helps Utah businesses by reducing cost shifting: When hospitals shift uncompensated costs to insurers, insurers pass on the added expense to Utah businesses. Medicaid expansion will reduce this “hidden healthcare tax” by reducing the amount of uncompensated care hospitals provide by an estimated $814 million.

Helps Utah businesses by shielding employers from higher tax penalties: Utah businesses will face $11-17 million less in tax penalties each year if qualifying employees are enrolled in Medicaid rather than the Marketplace.

Helps Utah businesses by boosting Utah’s economy: Job and economic growth is not a prediction, it’s a reality – other states report tens of thousands of new jobs after expanding Medicaid. Studies conducted in Utah estimate creation of nearly 14,000 new jobs and $1.7 billion in new economic activity in our state.